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Currently on the Easel!
Painting Lightheaded.jpg

"Lightheaded"  14x11 Blue Orange Palette.  

Half way done. Goes great with "I've Got Time"

(see Product Page)

Painting Self Healer.jpg

"Self Healer is off to the Frame Shop.  

Painting Fisherman setup.jpg
Painting Fisherman 1.jpg
Painting Fisherman 2.jpg
Paintig Fisherman 3.jpg

"Fisherman".  This is such a fun set up to paint.  I chose a blue/orange palette, creating some awesome greens and special effects for my tin bucket and brass fish mounted on a wooden block.  I wish I could finish this painting in one sitting but I have to let the first layers dry.  This is being done on a board with gesso, and sometimes the surface can be as slippery as a slimy fish.  

Painting fisherman Final 1.jpg
Painting Fisherman Final 2.jpg

Fisherman S'More is done.  To avoid such slimey slippery paint on board for my next painting, I purchased some "Japan Drier".

Anxious to see how that will work. 

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