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Partners in Art Studio and Shop

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Art Studio

Art Supplies

Frame Shop

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PIA Joan demo.jpg

Joan Horn, Artist and co-owner of Partners in Art,

teaching a class

TeLearn how to paint with oils!

Develop all the correct techniques and understanding all the proper procedures for painting all kinds subject matter from local instructor and owner of Partners In Art,

Joan Horn.  For more information on Joan's classes, and all the classes provided - drawing,  charcoal, pastels, water colors,

figure drawing, landscape,

call Joan at 716-693-4460 or contact Joan at

Sign up for a class or for any one of the 

outstanding workshops.  Special workshops are taught by incredibly talented and experienced artists from around the world. 

HHongnian Zhang

PIA Hongnian.jpg

Workshops with Hongnian Zhang and Lois Woolley, from Woodstock, NY.

Hongnian is an acclaimed

Chinese Realist Artist

and well known internationally.

Lois is an award-winning painter who specializes in portraiture.

Partners In Art is very fortunate to have 

Hongnian and Lois travel to North Tonawanda to share their talents.

Ylli Haruni

PIA Yilli Outside.jpg

Ylli Haruni - born in Albania - excellent Landscape

and Portrait Artist. 

Sign up for Outdoor Workshops on site or Indoor Classes  using reference photos, and you will be amazed with your results!

PIA Elaine and Yulli.jpg

Ylli with Trompe L'oeil Artist, Elaine.

Thomas Kegler

PIA Tom Kegler.jpg
PIA T Kegler Teaching.jpg
PIA Tom Kegler Outside.jpg

Workshops - indoor and outdoors - 

with Thomas Kegler, award winning Hudson Valley landscape artist and very popular high school art teacher from 

East Aurora.  

I'mLearn Watercoloring with

Jody Ziehm 

Jody Business card back.jpg
Jody Business Card.jpg

Learn to Draw with Karen Foegen

Painting Karen Foegen.jpg

Some Fellow Art Students

PIA Irene .jpg

Irene from Lancaster 

"Queen of Painting Lace"

PIA Carol.jpg

Carol - Retired art

teacher - now a full time 

Plein Air painter

& student at PIA


PIA Pat Green.jpg

Pat - shop owner,

art teacher, and framer, loves coming to Partners In Art just to paint

- usually 3 paintings in 1 day

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